Our History

N.Haque College of Business and Technology (NCBT) is one of the leading institutes affiliated with the National University of Bangladesh. N.Haque College of Business and Technology is a seat of higher education, situated in Gopalgoni, the district where the founder president of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born.

The campus of NCBT is adjacent to the district town. NCBT takes pride in its location which has the capacity to attract anybody. The Modhumoti river, a tributary of the mighty Padma flows past the campus of NCBT. With its palatial buildings and green campus, NCBT can be regarded as one of the most potential centres of higher education in Bangladesh.

With the mission of imparting the most advanced and sustainable education to the students, the college started its journey in 2011. NCBT campus situated on 7 acres of land.



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About NCBT

Our Faculty Members

In every educational institution, there exist unsung heroes who, through their unwavering dedication and passion for teaching, illuminate the path to knowledge and enlightenment for their students. These remarkable individuals are our college teachers – the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence.


About NCBT

International affiliations

NCBT evaluates the role of academic networking around the world. An initiative has been taken to reach out to the famous universities of the world. Any students willing to go abroad for higher education can get the opportunity at NCBT. Students can transfer their credits to the University of Sydney. In a recent move, NCBT is on the threshold of signing an MOU with the University of Sydney. In the coming days, NCBT hopes to be linked to other universities of the world.


About NCBT


Students who have outstanding result at SSC and HSC levels are eligible for scholarships and financial assistance. Besides these, students who have excellent performance in the first and second semesters are given special scholarship.


About NCBT

Transport Services in NCBT

NCBT offers free transportation to students through our own transport services. Stringent safety measures are in place to ensure students are transported to and from college comfortably and securely.


About NCBT

Lab Facility

No science can survive without labs. NCBT has a spacious physics, chemistry and biological lab with various equipment.
The lab gives the most cutting-edge technical support to the students.


About NCBT

Hostel Facility Female

For the purpose of accommodating the students a modern residential complex is being built on the bank of the Modhumoti river. At least, 100 students will live in the yet to-be made complex.


About NCBT

Hostel Facility Male

For the purpose of accommodating the students a modern residential complex is being built on the bank of the Modhumoti river. At least, 300 students will live in the yet to-be made complex.


About NCBT

NCBT Library

With over 10000 books and audio-visual resources. In addition, we have hundreds of educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom-3D models, all kinds of globes, atlases and models, scientific equipment and tools, and a range of visual resources such as charts and photographs. All resources are used by teachers on a regular basis to make connections between lessons and the real world.

Code of Conduct

Experienced, talented, sincere & qualified teaching staffs from public universities.

Close and regular supervision of classroom activities by the Principal.

Joyful & student-friendly educational environment.

Three storied Academic Building and other Hostel Building.

Multimedia aided Classrooms.

Decent seating arrangement with comfortable chairs & tables.

College- based education, no outside coaching.

Lesson is taught and completed in classes.

Library with a good collection of books.

Well equipped computer lab with internet facilities.

Combination of moral and modern education.

Individual attention & personalized care.

Arrangement for indoor & outdoor games.

Strictly secured and safe college campus.

Spacious playground.

Decipline and educational environment.